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Lyrics and chord projection software ... and so much more

Tech Preview

Stretchy full screen Lyrics and Chords for use with mobile phones, video projectors and web browsers. This preview is timed to coincide the release of Firefox 3.5 and demonstrate some of its new features. The Autohide Firefox extension is recommended for the true full screen experience.

  • Demo 1: Stretchy lyrics and guitar chords with drop shadow on text and overscan image in the background (try resizing window and F11 for full screen mode)
  • Demo 2a and Demo 2b: Overscan full screen video backdrop (wait a few secs for video to start - F11 fullscreen)
  • Demo 3: Portrait mode, display is rotated through 90° this works really well for displaying a whole song on wide screen monitor. Could be used as lyrics reminder for a band or for people hidden behind a pillar.
  • Demo 4: Flip mode for back projection
  • Demo 5: Scroll mode, use a mouse at your feet to control scrolling while playing guitar
  • Demo 6: Song editor - store your songs using local storage (close browser and reopen)

Use normal number keys (1,2,3 etc) to display a verse or '0' to display whole song. Use number pad '0' for previous verse or number pad 'enter' for next verse (this is so you can control it with your foot using a USB number pad while playing a guitar with your hands). Open source release of song editor soon. Please keep checking back. digg

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 June 2009 20:01